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Are You Crazy Enough To Marry A Russian Woman?


















How to avoid and identify scams?


Unfortunately there are women (and men) and suspicious organizations who are trying to get money from you. However, these people are a minority in compare to the total offer of dating agencies and all other related RW web sites. But especially in the beginning of your contact, be careful! I could give you thousands of examples how to check if everything is ok, but I suggest to visit and read our Dating Scams-page' and the 'tips' we published there.


If you are scammed then always report this. The authorities can only do official things when dating scams are officially reported. You can report this via this page: report scam

And do not forget the number one Anti Scam Rule: 


Never send money to a, for you personal unknown,  female member, listed in any Agency or individual, if she is asking for it. Report any suspicious cases related to this rule.



Can a single young Russian woman receive a visa to "visit" me?


This question is one of the most frequent questions men are asking us.

The answer for most (Western) countries is simple: 'NO'

Although this is not a legal statement, you will find on many official Government sites the simple rules to receive a visa to enter a western country. (also visit our Russian Visa chapter) 
For example, to enter the US as a single young Russian woman just to visit you, she only can (try) do this using a K1-fiancee visa. To obtain a (US/Canadian) tourist visa is in principal impossible for her.
However, many Russian women tell their western 'friend' that they know a local travel agency who can help her to obtain a visa for a few hundred of dollars. Never believe this, because there are no such things as magic visa's. If you hear something like this, then you probably are involved in an attempt to scam you. (Please read also my article about " magic visas for Russian brides") Fiancée and tourist visa's only can be obtained according to the (published) rules of the specific Embassy. And if some travel agencies indeed can arrange visa's without dealing with the strict rules, they are probably breaking the law and if they finally find out, your Russian girlfriend could be banned for ever for any visa. So, don't take any risk by using suspicious agencies and confirm yourself that they indeed are working according to your Embassy rules and procedures.
Always ask the latest visa news, rules and procedures at your Embassy located in Russia. They are the only one who can legally advise you about visa for your Russian girlfriend. visit our Russian Visa chapter for more information.



What is a safe way to find my Russian woman?


Safe places to find your Russian women are agencies who use strict rules and policies to publish a woman's profile. Always read or ask the specific agency how they 'check' their Russian women before publishing them. It is also important to do some checking of the agency itself. It is necessary that a real honest agency has published their normal postal address, including real contact email addresses and phone numbers. Also check their domain-name using the WHOIS database and see which address is published (owner) to this domain-name Also read their 'about us' page to read more about an agency. If you have any questions to convince yourself a specific agency is reliable, then always start asking your questions to this agency before ordering any of their offered services, for example you can ask them what their anti-scam policy is.


It is unnecessary to say that we only work with serious and reliable agencies. 

My advice is to use only agencies without recurring payment services. There are many agencies who offer their women for 'free', but to correspond with them you have to use their paid email forward/translation service and they never will give you the personal contact information of these women. If you don't mind that, then be my guest, it's your money, but for many reasons a waist of money.


The usual unsafe places are the place-your-ad-for-free places or free dating sites like MSN-dating (Microsoft® has nothing to do with this, every person is responsible for his own posting and acting using this type of free service) or equivalent free dating sites. These free dating sites never will (read: "are able to") check their visitors, so anyone can post their profile anonymous at own risk. From the 100% dating scam reports I receive, 99% are coming from these post-free dating sites and from this 80% it was almost the 'woman' who took the initiative to write the man first. And believe me or not, most of these 'women' are not even women, but just men who pretend they are women and use photos from unknown women or even existing Russian models.
So be careful when using free dating services, 'free' in this case does not mean 'cheap'. If you really are serious to find a Russian partner for marriage, then it will always cost you money, so don't try to safe money in a wrong way.



How to write your first letter.


This is the most important issue when trying to find a woman in this crazy 'cyber space'. Your first letter will give your chosen woman her first impression of what kind of man you are. This letter will make her decide if she wants to respond to you or not. So here are some of our tips.  


Write about your personal situation:

  • your personal information (age, kids etc.)

  • about your work (not too comprehensive in the first letter)

  • where you live (country, city, house, apartment, etc)

  • about your hobbies

  • what you like but also what you dislike

  • detailed description of yourself (character, qualities)

  • and above all:

  • the reason why you are writing 'her' (and not only because she has a nice face) and also try to describe the kind of woman you are looking for. Don't give her the impression that she is number 20 of your 'women's list'.

  • Let translate this letter in Russian. Even when her profile said that her English is good or better, it is highly recommended to translate your introduction letter. You will be way ahead of those who are only using English and you will be certain that she indeed have understand your comprehensive introduction letter.

Don't forget to send (attach) some clear pictures (2 or 3) of you, it's always nice to see a 'face' when reading about a person. Especially women can 'read' a man's face more than you and I ever will understand. Include at least 2 good quality photo's. One close up, smile at the "little bird" and dress yourself properly. The second one must be as close as possible but with the full length of your body, also of course dressed in a proper way.

After you finish your first letter, let one of your best friends or members of your family read it and ask if they recognize 'you' in this letter.
Don't exaggerate, just be yourself, never write things to impress the woman in a way you can never accomplish.



What to do if she is not responding your letter


If the woman did not respond to your letter: Send another copy of the letter. If she still does not answer, send a letter from a different email account to make sure your address is not blocked by the woman's server (it happens!). It is confirmed that email messages often disappear, especially when sent to or from free Russian servers such as,, etc. Always have an alternative way of contacting the woman, such as phone or a different email address, in case there is a problem with her main email account. This is the biggest problem in correspondence between men and women: they both say, I received a few letters from this woman/this guy, then he/she disappeared without a notice. The reason is most likely to be email-related. Do not wait forever for a woman to answer. Send her another letter and ask why she does not respond. If she decided to give up on you, such insistence can even make her change her mind!
Read also our previous FAQ about how to write your first letter. If you have send her a letter with 3 lines, "Hello, how are you, I like your picture, please write back" (or something similar), then you will be certain that no one will respond you.



About your first personal meeting with her.


First of all, don't wait too long before meeting her in person. Too long writing or phoning each other could give both of you a wrong image about the persons you both are in 'real life'. Compare this effect by reading a book and after reading, watch the movie about this book, you will agree that there will be a big difference between the 'image' you created and the 'image' they present in the movie.
Suggest her to visit each other in her country. Just for the following reasons:

  • For you it's much easier to get a visa (within 2 weeks). For her it can take sometimes days of traveling to visit the nearest Embassy or Consulate of your country. And forget the possibility the get a US tourist visa for your Russian girlfriend, she never will get this.

  • For the first meeting she will feel more comfortable in her own environment.

  • She will be proud to show you her country and introduce you to her family.

  • For most western countries it is not possible for her to receive a (tourist) visa to travel to you

  • You also can choose to meet each other in a visa friendly country or to visit each other in one of the main cities of her country like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, or Almaty.

  • Showing to her that you are interesting in her and her culture will give her the impression that you are really serious in meeting her. Never forget, the first meeting is not like meeting each other in some restaurant or coffee shop.



What does she needs to marry you in your country.


The European, US and other official immigration rules and procedures can differ from each other,  but below is a list of documents your fiancée at least needs to marry you (or enter your country) in your country: 


Note: Don't use this as legal information, always use formal and official legal sources like the official website of your Embassy/Consulate in Russia. The below information has to be used as un-official information.

  • Birth certificate.

  • Proof of authenticity of her birth certificate.

  • Proof of being unmarried (or never married before).

  • or

  • Official divorcement documents.

  • Official guardianship documents concerning her children if the biological father is known on the birth certificate of her children.

  • Birth certificate of any children.

  • Proof of authenticity of her children(s) birth certificate(s).

  • Certificate of residence.

  • Proof of authenticity of certificate of residence.

  • Russian passport (with the stamp of her living place, "propiska")

  • Official translation (into your language) of all official documents.

  • A visa to enter your country


Are these women real?


This is one of the most frequently asked question. My answer is yes, but to make yourself more comfortable about my answer, also read our Dating-scam page. In any kind of 'business" there are some organizations or individuals who are trying to fraud you. So please always be careful before you start to transport money to some woman or Agency or other related organization who is 'willing' to help you in finding your woman of your dreams.  Reading my Dating-scam chapter can give you a lot of information which you can use by yourself.

The main reason that there are so many Russian (and from other CIS-countries) women available, in comparison with the women of our own country, is often a matter of supply and demand. But the main reason that Russian women are seeking men in another country is for very sad- but based on unfortunately real statistic facts. For example the Russian male life expectancy, in years, is only 59.9 and for women, in years, 74.8. Especially for women over 35 years old, it's very difficult to find a (healthy) man in her own country. You can find many resources on the web about these Russian statistic population facts. The future for Russian women, to live long and happy with their Russian men is not very promising. Alcohol, serious decease's and the large unemployment problems for Russian men are the main reason for this problem. 

Another statistical fact is that the average Russian woman marries 2.2 times in her lifetime; the average Russian man marries 3.5 times in a lifetime. Many Russian women will stay single. Also the young Russian women know these facts and starts early to find their future with foreign men.

Perhaps now you understand a little bit why Russian women (already starting in their early years) are seeking men in other (western) countries. 



About age differences


Are Russian women looking for older men? 
Can I contact a woman who is 20 years younger than me? 
These questions are number 2 on the general list of  "Most frequently asked questions"

I interviewed 5 different kind of Russian women from different country- or city origin, like Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. My answers and explanations are coming directly from them including my personal opinion.

In general Russian women prefer to have a man of their own age or within reasonable age difference. Just like in other countries. There is no special reason that the age difference between Russian couples and couples from other countries are different from each other. Of course there are always exceptions, but those exceptions are certainly not a typical wish of a Russian woman. Like we explained in our previous FAQ (are these women real).
But why can you read often in these women ad's (presented through Dating agencies) a maximum preferable age with differences of sometimes 10, 15 and even 20 years?

There are many reasons for this, one of the reason you can read in our FAQ "Are These Women Real?" or visit our mini E-book about scams, concerning available men in their own country. Other reasons are that women (especially those who already have passed their 30th's) prefer to have an older man (but not too old) just because they think that this category of men are really serious in trying to find a new relationship with a Russian woman. Also because of the fact that this age-category men probably have passed their "wild years". In other words they consider those men as more mature and think they have more consciousness of their responsibilities. Those facts gives the woman more self confidence in finding the right man for her. 

And another reason is that Russian women, who already have passed their 30th's or 35th's, hardly can find a (single/free) man in Russia and know  they will have more success with men from other countries. But of course there are also women who think they can increase their chances (in finding a man) by being not so critical about age. But please don't think that young women of 24 years old are desperately seeking for men over their 40th's or 50th's.


I admit it would look very interesting for an over 45th's man to have a Britney Spears look-alike beside him, but do you really think this relationship will last forever?
Please ask yourself if you are looking for a new wife or daughter?

The most important issue for Russian women, who are seeking men, is; if the spiritual, intellectual and emotional qualities of the man are at the same level of the woman and the man has a nice character,  is in good shape, good health and has a regular job, age will not be a critical success factor. 

For your information, my age difference with my husband is 9 years.