Marry a Russian woman


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Are You Crazy Enough To Marry A Russian Woman?












Why do you need to translate your introduction letter?


With a "Letter of Introduction" service you can be sure that your letter will draw special attention. Practice shows that only 5% of men are translating their letters - you will be able to make your letter stand out!

  • Letter in Russian is easier to read.

  • It will show you care.

  • She won't have to pay for translating it (women have to do it to ensure the correct translation even if they know the language to some extent).

  • You can express yourself without worrying if the woman will be able to understand you.

  • Practice shows that only 5% of men are translating their letters - you will be able to make your letter stand out!

You send it in response to her profile, or as an answer to her response on your ad, and the most important reason why you write it - it's to introduce yourself and let her know you better. This is the most important letter in all your correspondence. If you don't do it right the first time, most likely you won't have a second chance. This letter must reflect your personality as well as tell the facts of your life. It must tell her about your beliefs and goals in life, what you expect from your future partner, and what you have to offer in return. And most important it's the feeling that your letter creates (you know that all women are emotional by nature; they think with their hearts...).

  • You can say "I have a great sense of humor", but will she be able to understand your dry jokes in English?

  • You can say that you are intelligent and educated, but will she see it when she struggles to make a sense of your phrases?

  • You can say that you are caring and considerate, but what have you done to prove it?

It is difficult to make an adequate translation from English to Russian because the structure of sentences is completely different. An English sentence is supposed to be short; it must have a definite order of words. Russian sentences don't have a strict structure. A sentence can consist of the only word, don't have a subject, have any order of the words and several subordinate clauses. Usually Russian sentences are much longer than English ones. 10-15 lines sentences are nothing special.


So it is very important where you translate your letter.


Literal translation makes a brilliant English letter sound stupid and hardly understandable. Changing expressions and eliminating unnecessary parts of sentences also don't create a "Russian letter". To make a letter sound "Russian", it must be completely rewritten.

Software translation is something I would never recommend for the introduction letter; it can even change the sense to the opposite, or raise a question of your mental ability. I would advise to use only a human translator, at least for the first letters when everything what you say must be well thought. It is very important that a translator had spent some time in an English speaking country, otherwise it does not work 100%.