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Are You Crazy Enough To Marry A Russian Woman?












Do not stop your search before it actually started, read this mini-guide to successfully find your Russian wife.


Introduction to start searching for a Russian wife

The following information is indispensable for men who are truly serious in finding, and finally marrying a Russian woman. We will describe the different phases that you will encounter during the entire process. Because every single man has his own personal preferences in finding his Russian lady, we will describe three methods that you can use as a general guideline. This information can help you to create your success, and it also could prevent you from possible disappointments.

Why am I writing this mini guide and why am I trying to convince you that this information can be the key for your success. I can give you only one reason: 'Men often don't listen".

I don't want to insult you, but some time ago, after reading and responding our daily visitors mail, I asked my husband, 'how is it possible that most men really don't know what to do to get in contact with Russian women or to maintain an online correspondence with a Russian lady'. 'Why can't they even write a proper introduction letter, while almost every website, related to Russian women, are in general giving the same advice (or offer you a service to do it for you) to all these men, but still some men think they know it better'. 

My husband was staring at me for a while, then he only could say: 'I guess it is because we never listen, because we always know better, because we always want to do the things by our self, because we sometimes do not want to admit that other persons sometimes know specific things better then we do (especially when 'these persons' are women), because we sometimes are a little pigheaded and most of the time we are impatience too and we also are a little bit shy sometimes, but we never will admit that! 
Well, this was very honest of him isn't it? (in fact it was me who helped him a bit :-).
But to be serious, this must sound familiar to you, or did I touched your pride and left us right away? I don't think you did, although this sounds a little bit cynical, you know it's true, that's why you still are here. If you want to find your Russian wife too, then let people help you, let us help you, by keep on reading and don't think it is a piece of cake, because I can assure you, it is not!

If you see those thousands online photo's of beautiful single Russian girls and women, then it could give you the impression that you just have to throw a coin, choose one of them, write an email that your are interested and marry the girl in a couple of month's. But it doesn't work that way!
Many men think that Russian women will grab the first man who writes them, like they are really desperate. I am sorry to tell you, but Russian women who are looking for a new (foreign) partner are certainly not desperate. On the contrary, they really know exactly what they do and what they want and they have a lot of patience to achieve their ambition to marry a western man. These women really know what it means if they really get involved in a serious relationship with a foreign man, but the question is, do you know what to do or what the consequences are? 

My website has a lot of information pages with different kind of advice related to finding Russian women, but did you know that, already for month's, our 'Dating Scams' page is the most visited one, and our Advice and Information pages are the less visited ones and both you can easily access from any page of our site. This gives me the impression that most people want to read articles about things what already has happened but no articles to prevent them from possible undesired experiences. 
Of course, any information about dating scams can be of great value for you, but at this moment I have the feeling that some people are getting paranoid about this infamous phenomenon and focus too much about the bad experiences others have encountered. If you do the right things from the beginning, then nothing unpleasant will happen to you.

Information, advice and consultation related to dating scams is only 'part' of the total information package you need to gather before you start looking for a Russian woman. Listening, believing and adopting the value of good information and advice about Russian women in general must have a high priority for you. Online authors are not writing articles about this subject just for fun. Some people wrote complete books about 'How to..." or about their life-story and many other people wrote and are still writing free-to-read (like our website) articles about the whole process. All these men and women do this based on their own experience, so these 'stories' are not fictive and they only do this to help you and all single Russian women. You will notice, that if you read other articles too, that we all have the same similarity, only the persons involved are different. 



Some general actual facts.

At this moment, dating websites are still growing like grass on a warm rainy spring day.
Just type the most used (key) words 'Russian women" in for example and you will see a result of millions matching these two keywords. Most of them are related to the Russian women dating business. If this is your way to start finding your Russian woman, then you really should read my pages.

Simultaneous with the fast growth of these dating websites, the 'dark' side of this business is unfortunately growing too, which is the infamous "Dating Scam Ghost" who is watching you at every dark RW-dating corner, waiting to get you at the right moment. Also these two words (dating scam) will give you a large result of links in any search engine. I admit, it's really frightened how fast this unwanted phenomenon is growing too. But it is certainly no reason to give up your search for your Russian bride, just prepare yourself in a proper way and no unpleasant things will happen to you.

The number of Russian (and of course all other CIS countries too) women, who are looking for a new (foreign) life partner, is extremely growing, together with the number of single men who try their luck on the web. Because online dating is very popular.

Although all related (above) subjects are growing (in number), the numbers of successful new couples are NOT growing in the same way. In fact it looks like the number of successful international relationships is even decreasing. Most men stop already after some hours or days surfing on the web, because they think, that this is too difficult to make it to a success.

Other reasons are that for most men it's difficult to choose, because there are so many women profiles on the web, there is just too much choice. Another reason is that most men doesn't know how to start, or doesn't know the importance of their first (introduction) letter to the Russian woman or finally, are afraid to be scammed.

We will give you three method's, that can be a guide for you, how to find and marry your Russian woman. 

You will understand that it's impossible for us to write down every possible method to find your specific Russian woman. But reading these three methods can give you enough information to create your own personal way to find, meet and marry your Russian bride.


I know it's a lot, but please continue reading:

The very first thing you should ask yourself is, are you really convinced that you want to marry a Russian woman? I explain several times in other pages of this website that finding a Russian woman is a complete different process then finding or meeting a woman in the 'usual' way. Due to the practical  complexity you will undertake, it will not give you the same flexibility as you will have during the usual way in building a new relationship. The women you will meet 'online' are already prepared for marriage and prepared to move to another country. The question is, are you?

You should realize that the moment your Russian lady is coming to your country, she will be at least your fiancée or even already your spouse. 
Don't think you can invite your Russian girlfriend into the US before you have meet her in person, preferable in her own country.


This means you have to travel to her for at least a week, preferable 2 weeks to give each other a chance to know each other. During these two weeks you both have to make an important decision, you continue your relationship and start make preparations for a K1-fiancee visa (US) or immigration visa for other countries, or you both decide to stop the relation because there wasn't a match. Therefore it is important to learn from each other as much as possible during the correspondence period, using letters, email and phone conversations. Beside that, from the moment you start your first contact, you both have to keep copies of any evidence, like emails, photo's, tickets, bills, etc. of your relationship with each other.


You need this for the (K1) visa procedure. Before you start your search, you also have to be certain that you can qualify for applying a K1-fiancee visa. You must pass the questionnaire of the new UMBRA law (only for US men), you must have a regular job with a regular income and you need to have a house, or apartment were both can live.
But if all these things are not a problem (which is for almost any men), then I can tell you, it's all worth it!


The second thing you should do, before starting your 'hunting', is to read about Russian women, the Russian culture and Russia in general. It's very important to have at least some knowledge of the Russian culture- and moral differences between our culture. It's also useful to take a look at the Russian geography. It would be nice, if one of the women you are corresponding with lives for example in the city Perm, that you at least know where Perm is (geographical) situated. 
I suggest you visit any topic of my Information and advice pages, including my Tips & Articles and your first attempt to find your Russian bride could be already your last. Avoid any complicated issues by reading this book!

My dear visitor, if you still are convinced you want to go through the entire process, just for the reason you truly want to find and marry a Russian woman, then read the 7 steps I wrote for you.

After reading this mini guide, I am sure you will have much more information and hopefully some ideas of your own, how to (re)start or continue your search for your Russian wife.



7 steps from preparing your profile till the immigration process

Topics described in this chapter:



This guide will explain in general all the possible phases you will encounter during your process from 'finding a Russian woman' till 'marry a Russian woman' and everything that is in between.

Step 1:

First describe a profile of the type of woman you are looking for, create a checklist with for you important items.

Before you start browsing through the women's personals, you first should have (written down) a very complete profile about the type of woman you are looking for, including the age range you are looking for. Be realistic and don't look for a 20 year younger woman, even when her ad shows an age range of more than 20 years, it could be not her personal wish. Some agencies that publish women's personals, just do this for her (to improve her chances) and she probably doesn't even know about it. 
Some time ago I interviewed about 10 Russian women about this age-range subject and all women responded that their wish is a man of their own age or with a reasonable age difference. But not more than 10 or maximum 15 years, depending what her or your age is. Unless you are looking for a daughter instead of a wife.

From this (written) profile, you extract the most important highlights that you should always use during the moments you are browsing through Russian women's ads.
The best thing is to create short checklist with items that are important for you, to see such a checklist go to my example questionnaire.

Never only judge a nice photo. Don't make the same mistake as many others did before you, by only picking out the best-looking knock-outs you can find. If you see photos of women in sexy clothes, then it will be only for the reason that the agency where she is published, asked her to do that. They tell her she will have more change to be chosen first, then publishing a photo in just jeans and a T-shirt (as a matter of speaking). For one thing you can be sure, it says nothing about her character. So if you see a nice woman in a sexy, very short, skirt or dress, then keep in mind that this dress is probably not even from herself, but only borrowed and used to make a photo to impress you (and I bet she did impress you!). 
For Russian women counts, it's much more important what is in the 'inside' than how the physical looks are, for men it's often the other way. And don't be afraid, every Russian woman is beautiful, and you will be that too for her, but only if you show it to her.

Step 2:

Do not narrow your search by only looking for Russian women who live in big cities. Just for the reason that you think it is practical easier to meet her there then meeting her in a local town.
If traveling to and from her is an important issue for you, then don't make a big deal of this. Flying to Moscow, Kiev or St. Petersburg is easy to do for you. But if she lives for example in Samara (see also our Maps-page) then you need a train or local flight for another extra day traveling. Don't bother about this minor thing, for her it's easy and rather cheap to travel through Russia, so you can suggest, if you visit her, if she wants to go by train or bus to Moscow or any other (easy to reach) city of your choice, and meet you there.


Every main city (but also local cities) in Russia are at least connected with railways, and most of the time with local airports too, and traveling by train is not very expensive, even for Russians. My advice is, do not narrow your search by only selecting women who live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you never know, her parents could live in Vladivostok and you really will have to visit her family now and then. Beside that, women from Moscow or St. Petersburg are quite different (more effected by western life standards) from women from a local city or village. Visit Moscow and some other local city and you will agree that these two cities are two complete different worlds. So, your primary ambition should be to find a Russian woman who fits best with you (and vice versa). For that fact it must not be a major thing for you to bother where she is currently living.

Step 3a:

Now first create your own profile online (for free).

Be honest about yourself when creating your profile. Write down as much as possible about yourself, the more you tell about yourself, the more interested women can be in you. The female members also have access to the male members, so it is possible that women contact you first, because of your profile. Also use some good photo's of yourself, at least two, one close-up and one where your whole body is visible. Do not use swimming shorts or half naked body photo's, just some nice casual clothes, do not exaggerate, just be yourself.

Click here to create your profile A new window will be opened, so you will not leave this page.

Step 3b:

Start browsing (free) through the database of available women, using a comprehensive search-form.

Being at this step I assume you have finished your woman's profile and you have created (for free) your own profile. You know exactly what kind of women you are looking for. You also studied the Russian map and wrote down some preferable countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan etc.) and cities that will be suitable for you. Then it's time to talk about 'where' to search for your woman.


You also can start using our comprehensive search form with many selection criteria to browse through the free access database of female women.
Do not look only to photo's, but read also her biography, remember that you are looking for a perfect match, not for a perfect photo.


When you are browsing, you can add your favorites to your profile and view your favorites using the 'favorites' link. Take your time to do this and keep on verifying the biography of these ladies with your checklist. You don't need to everything at once, the system will keep your list of favorites a month.

The next step you can do is a choice of two things:


  • Send an expression of interest:
    A message will send to the selected lady, then she can view your profile and decide to answer your message of interest. This is an easy way to find out if a person could be interested in you (based on your profile) before start writing long letters.

  • or just buy the selected address information and start sending your first introduction letter.


Before you can order addresses or send an expression of interest, you should upgrade your membership. You can choose for a Gold Membership, Platinum Membership, or just sell single addresses.

Step 4:

Your first introduction letter: We recommend to translate your first letter because Russian ladies struggle with reading English letters even if they know the language fairly well. It will ensure she will read your letter, and understand everything you were intending to tell her.


Now we have come to the most important part of your first contact. Your first (introduction) letter has the aim to give the women, you are writing, a reason to write you back in such a way she is really interested in you. This means you have to impress her with your profile and simple (but effective) biography. This is not easy!

By experience I know that many men, who have selected a lot of women's profiles, write a very simple standard letter like this; "Hi I am John, and I live in America. I like your photo and profile. I have a house, a car, a cat and a nice job, I like to know you better, if you are interested, please write me back". Then they copy this incredible impressive letter 20 times and send it away and expect that the next day their email-inbox will be loaded with longing woman.

After some days or weeks, these men take contact with the agency where they bought these addresses and start to complain that none of the women he wrote, is writing him back. Are you surprised? I am not, and probably the agency will tell you the same.
Do you really expect that these women will respond letters like that? If you have read the all our information on our website then you should know better.

So, what's the secret? Well, there is not really a secret, but you must know that a Russian woman only will select a man for his personality and human character. She wants to see if there is a possible 'match' between you and her. Russian women in general, don't select men from only picture (in contrast what most men do!). 

This means you will have to write a very good description about the person you are, you social life, your work, your hobbies, the way you spend your free times and something about your character. Only use simple basic English, because it's important she must be able to understand what you are writing. The woman who receives your letter has to create a first impression of you and she will try to determine if you 'could' be the man to stay the rest of her life with. I know this is not easy to do, especially when you are not a good 'writer'. Don't bother, Russian women are not looking for 'novel writers' but a new life partner. But I guess you know what I mean. 

Our suggestion is to use a translation service that will translate your introduction letter and re-write it in 'Russian'. You can choose for adequate translation (for formal matters) or creative translation which are used for non-formal (introduction) letters.
And by doing this you also show her that you serious want to put effort to impress here, and she will respect you for doing that.

Why do you need to translate your first letter to a woman?

  • Letters in Russian is easier to read.

  • It will show you care and serious interest..

  • She won't have to pay for translating it by herself (women have to do it to ensure the correct translation even if they know the language to some extent).

  • You can express yourself without worrying if the woman will be able to understand you.

  • Practice shows that only 5% of men are translating their letters - you will be able to make your letter stand out!


You send it in response to her profile, or as an answer to her response on your ad, and the most important reason why you write it - it's to introduce yourself and let her know you better.

Step 5:

Women you contacted (by your message of interest or your introduction letter) start sending you responses, what to do next?


From this moment you start to feel excited. Your first letter had success and women start to write you back and tell you that they are interested in you.
From now on, it's difficult for me to use one example. It is 'you' who has to select the most favorite women who are writing you back. They already showed you their first interest in you and depending on what they are writing you, you have to make a selection from those who are still interesting for you. This can be from only one woman to five or less, depending on your choice. At least the next step is again yours.


After selecting your favorite(s), you have to write another letter in which you (for example) first answers their questions to you. (Important: read carefully if she is also answering your specific questions). But first you start of course with a 'Thank you for your respond to my letter etc....(or something like that), then you will first answer her questions to her (don't skip any question from her!), after that you can ask more about her, ask anything you like, but keep your decency and respect to her. Ask question which are important for you to know, don't start talking about how the weather is there, or other superficial questions, just try to know each other better, because from all the answers you get or all the answers you write her, you both will come to a certain point that you are thinking of meeting each other.

A very important next step in your second letter to her is to convince her, why you are the right man for her and why she can be the right woman for for you. You must try to explain her that she made the right decision to write back to you. Of course you must use a less 'arrogant' way as I am expressing now, but I am sure you know what I mean.
From now on the correspondence is in your hands and you decide how long and with how many women you continue your correspondence, before you (or both) decide to meet each other. It's up to you if you want to meet just one woman, or more than one women, just because of the fact you still don't know which one will be the best future partner for you.

Ok, let's say you are corresponding a while with one or more women. And you have heard or read about the possibility of dating scams. I suppose this will at least cross your mind and you will ask yourself, is this lady real? 
While corresponding with her I can give you some quick tips:
Ask her postal address and her phone number (or a phone number from a relative, parents, brother, sister, etc. if she doesn't own one by herself). I know many men who are calling their girlfriends at their parents, friends or relatives (I did the same). Using a phone to communicate with each other can sometimes make things much more comfortable and easier too. 
Another important tip is, no matter how much you already 'trust' this woman, never send her any money if she asking for it, but also if she is not asking for it. In this stadium of your relationship, money should not be an issue for both of you. The only one who probably will spend money, during this stadium of the process (for sending flowers or a small gift) is only you. In fact, just don't talk about money at all.

If you want to read more about this infamous aspect of international relationship, please visit our information topic: Dating Scams

Step 6:

Planning your first meeting

First of all, for American men, don't think you can invite your girlfriend to visit you in the US as a visitor or tourist, she will never get a visa for this. Only under special conditions there could be a very small change to get this. Our advice is, don't even try, it is a waist of time (and probably money too). Also do not trust any local (Russian) travel agencies who try to convince you that they can arrange a visa for her, because they use illegal methods or they are scam.

So it's evident that you will meet your girlfriend (or a few women) in her country. If you are visiting just one woman, then I suggest you visit our topic "First Meeting" before you continue with this topic.

If you will meet your girlfriend Russia then it is important you have made all the necessary arrangements. like visa, hotel or apartment, car (with a driver), interpreter.

How to meet your girlfriend (or more than one):


You can apply for two kind of visa, one is the so called private (home stay) visa, that means that after you send the necessary documents to your girlfriend, she has to apply for an invitation. The first time she will do this, will take about 2 month's before this invitation is ready to be send to you. For your first meeting this is not a real efficient option, so we advice you to obtain the usual tourist-visa. 

But before you can apply for a tourist visa at the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your area, you need to have a hotel voucher, and an official invitation from the hotel or Russian tourist company. If you book a hotel in Russia, only choose a hotel with visa-services, this means that they can provide you an official invitation and send it to you by fax.


In case you will meet more than one woman:

First it's important to setup a time schedule. This time schedule should give you the opportunity to meet these 3 women (separately!) during your stay in Russia. To do this correct your need to make notes of the following rules:

  • Decide to meet these women in a big city that is easy for the women to meet you, for example Moscow.

  • Include your travel time to/from Moscow (including the time difference!) in your time schedule.

  • Spend for example at least three days with each woman and finally at least one (or better two) weeks with the one you finally choose.

  • If you book a hotel, you should book two rooms, if you decide to rent an apartment, be sure this apartment also has two rooms.

  • Don't invite the three women at the same time, they also need a place to stay and booking four rooms at the same time would be a waist of money (and time for the 'waiting' women).

  • It would be very polite to suggest to pay the travel from their home place to Moscow (and back) for each woman, but don't send money to them, just explain them you will pay the travel costs on arrival. There are many ways to check how much a train ticket will cost from any city in Russia to Moscow, in this case you will know that they will not try to fraud you (if you have reason to believe there is a possibility for this).

  • Finally spend a romantic week or two weeks with the one you finally has chosen to be your new life partner.

In this example you have to travel for at least 20 to 27 days (2 times 2 days travel to/from US/Russia, time difference for example New York and Moscow is 8 hours), then 9 days to meet each woman and finally 1 week (or 2) for your chosen lady.
Of course this is only a static example of how to arrange your time schedule. But it gives you an impression.

If you decide to meet just one woman, then this time schedule will be much easier of course.

before you go to the next step, please visit our page 'First Meeting" too for additional information.


Step 7:

After your first meeting, what is next?

If your meeting didn't work out at all then you have to start again from step 4. Don't feel too down-hearted if this first meeting experience didn't work out, it really happens many times and still these men continue their 'search' for their future wife. At least you are more experienced now and will certainly have learned from this first experience. 


You can do two things:

  • Marry her in Russia (K3-spouse visa)

  • Let her come to the US as your fiancée (K1-Fiancée visa)

The visa process is a pretty complex process (if you decide to do it all by yourself) and you only can do it one time right. 

Note: If you marry your fiancée in her country (K3), the process to let her enter the US is called "adjustment of status". This takes much longer then the fiancée visa.

The main requirements for a fiancée visa are :

  • You must be a US citizen. Permanent residents of the US are not allowed to obtain fiancée visas. 

  • Both you and your fiancée must be free to marry. This means that if either has been married previously, you are either divorced, widowed or the marriage was annulled. 

  • You must have met your fiancée in person within the previous two years. 

  • She must also be free of AIDS.

  • You must be able to support your fiancée in the USA.


After your fiancée receives her K1-visa, you both have ninety (90) days to marry each other. If this time is not enough for both of you, then she has to go back to Russia and you both have to start all over again.

You will agree, that there is a lot of information about K1-Fiancée visa and immigration to the US. In fact sometimes too many information to understand very clear what you really have to do, if you want to do this all by yourself. However there are enough examples of US men who succeeded in this. But you also can risk a lot, if you do things wrong, then it is sometimes difficult or even impossible to recover any mistakes in this complex Government procedure. 

To read about another very popular K1-fiancee service, please visit Immigration Support Services. Now, no matter what your immigration needs are: K-1 fiancée visa, alien relative (or spouse), student or work visas, illegal alien status, U.S. INS immigration petitions for any and affordable legal advice is now available.

But if you still want to do it all by yourself then there only one source that will give you the correct information:

The one and only source with the correct information and procedures about US Fiancée visa's is the official US Government site: US Citizenship and Immigration Services, click here for all details about How Do I Bring My Fiancée to the United States?

I also suggest to visit forums about immigration to the US, it is always good to read about other's experiences.



Using fast and reliable services can avoid stress and time consuming actions. There are many men who tried the do-it-by-yourself-way by using so-called free dating sites and spend a lot of money (and too much time!) that was unnecessary and after these experiences they finally started to use fast and reliable services. The risk of dating scam, is very little to zero (if you choose our recommended agency. This fact must be very valuable for you, think about all those men who send money to their beloved woman and never saw one cent, or even the woman again. Would you take that risk? 

This is the end of the example of "how to find and marry a Russian woman'.