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Are You Crazy Enough To Marry A Russian Woman?












Learn the steps for dating a Russian woman



Planning your yearly vacation will probably take some weeks serious preparation, before you decide to make your final booking. Gathering travel magazines, browsing internet sites, looking at interesting pictures and articles, making notes, it is all part of the selection process. And finally you know exactly what you like and want to do.

But what about finding a new partner, with whom you intend to stay for the rest of your life, do you know how to prepare yourself this time?



Imagine yourself in a nightclub  with some friends and your goal is to find a woman to spend the rest of your life with. Then one of your friends asks you to approach that good-looking single woman at the bar, do you know how to make contact, and at the same time, how to impress here? 

Perhaps you are a good-looking guy and that fact can give you some advantage. You start a conversation using an original  opening-line, and the ice is broken. She can 'see' you, 'hear' you, 'smell' you, reads your 'body language', and you both have eye contact, which sometimes can tell more about the person than thousands words on paper.

But now you have to do the same approach with a woman who probably is thousands of miles away from you:


  • You never have met her

  • You can't hear or see her

  • From a different culture

  • Probably have difficulties reading, writing or speaking your native language.


And the only 'weapon' to impress her is your pencil or your keyboard.
Are you convinced to receive the same result in your first approach, in this case your introduction letter, like the woman-at-the-bar example? 
Just think about this and you will agree that I am right, this is something else and needs a different approach.


The difference at first approach

It is not only the first approach that makes it different. But after your first contact and her first response, there will come more situations which you will never face in the 'normal' way you built a relationship.

Let's take a look again at my first example (the woman in the nightclub). Suppose you managed to have a date with her, would you ever consider to ask yourself if she is 'real', if she not trying to 'play' with you? I don't think so, because you have no reason to think like that, you can judge with your own eyes, ears and your common sense.


But in the 'virtual' way this is different, you cannot use your normal sense-organs, you have to deal with many situations that never will occur during the 'normal' way. Therefore we created this website, to remind and help you there are many subjects to think about and need preparation.



But there are also many things you never should do, because a Russian woman who is intentional looking for a partner is not the same like the spontaneous  woman in a nightclub who probably didn't 'plan' to find a partner. A Russian woman is insecure, vulnerable and uncertain about the fact if you are real, serious and sincere too. It will take some time before you have convinced and proofed her that you are serious looking for a new compatible partner. And that she could be that compatible partner.

The purpose of my website is to inform and prepare you and let you become more secure. This is better for you and your future wife. 

We are certain that if you read and remember our advice and information, including reading some valuable articles, you can succeed without unwanted or unnecessary complex situations.


Russian women are no unintelligent blond creatures

Keep always in mind that Russian women are intelligent, sensitive, romantic, determined and above all, not stupid!. Don't think that 5 lines in your introduction letter will be enough to impress her. No, on the contrary, you will have to 'conquer' her heart (and mind) and that's not easy to do. Because the only means you have, are some photo's and your 'talent' to introduce yourself on 'paper' in such a way that her first reaction will be: 'This is the man I am looking for'.

Even if you have the looks of a famous handsome movie star, it will not give you any advantage, at least not in the beginning. Give her a plain impression about you and your live. Use the right combination of your heart, mind and soul. Describe the person you are, do not exaggerate. This is more important than impress her with the wrong subjects and some simple lines on paper.


Learn from each other using any possible practical methods

It is important to learn from each other. Use any way which is practical possible to communicate like; letters, email, fax, phone, Instant Messaging (MSN), chat box, webcam, online delivery services.

If you are for example a resident from  the US, you probably will meet her only one or maximum two times (general statistics) before you must marry her within 3 months after she arrived in the US. So, don't wait to start knowing each other 'after' she arrives in the US, 3 months could be too short (for both of you) to do this. Therefore, the right start of your virtual relationship is the most important one.


Give yourself some time to read our comprehensive article about How to find and marry a Russian woman. (explained in 3 different methods)


A quote of my husband 'Bart':

'How to start finding a Russian woman' was for me the most important question and after a longtime surfing through all these thousands of dating agencies, I still didn't know what to do. They all were too much focused on showing sexy photo's of young Russian women.


The wrong approach

Many visitors who still have to start their 'hunt for a Russian woman' ask me the same question. But choosing just a random picture of some good-looking woman is not the way to start. I am convinced that many men think that looking at photos, of all these gorgeous women dressed in short challenging skirts, is an exciting adventure. Ok, I admit, I use these photo's at my website too, but only to convince you that Russian women are indeed beautiful women, but not for the purpose to act without having a good preparation.

But if you think it is only a virtual adventure, then you probably have the wrong attitude and approach to find your future life partner in this way. 


Don't think that single Russian women, including the ones dressed in challenging clothes, are looking for an adventure. Their appearance on the published photos are often not their own choice to show themselves. 

Most of the time it is the agency that give them this 'advice' to make and publish such photos. They explain the women that their chances will be bigger (most men will contact them first) if they dress like that. 


And be careful!

But it can be possible that some women are looking for just an exciting adventure. But this 'adventure' is not the one you are looking for. It is more a 'treasure hunting' adventure or a 'green card' adventure 'they' are looking for. Be careful in your search and don't lose your head for just a single photo!

You can read more about this at our dating scam info page. This chapter teaches you to identify possible scammers,


Do it right from the start

I advise you to do it right from the start. Therefore I recommend you to signup as a member (free!) at our romance agency: Elenas Models. A proven professional, reliable and experienced marriage agency who are only working according to the written and unwritten rules of the online dating scene. If you want to have real success then just go for it and register yourself as a member of this great romance agency.


Of course there are many other Agencies who can help you with finding your partner. But there are also many Agencies that only want to make 'big' money with their services. And because of the many similar sites today, it is difficult to find out which Agency is suitable for you or which one you better wish to skip. For that reason we already have a close co-operation with Elenas Models since the year 2000.


Then of course, you have to find out, the type of person you are looking for. Nobody can advise you what category woman you prefer, you have to decide that alone. Of course everybody wants to have a woman who is beautiful, reliable, loyal, intelligent. But these 'characteristics' are only self-evident.

Only appearance is not the main priority to succeed in a relationship, especially not for Russian women. Russian women have different wishes, norms and values when choosing a compatible partner then most Western people have. Therefore it is important to read as much as possible about Russian women who are (and why) looking for a foreign partner. But read also about their culture and customs.


I advise you to visit and read all my topics with useful information. Especially our mini guide: How To Find And Marry A Russian Woman . Being well prepared is halfway your journey to your new romance future. You will find information about any subject related to how to find and marry a Russian woman.