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Scam against Russians

(this article is published with authorization of Olga Sap, author of this article, owner of


On Sunday May 11, 2003 a top-rating TV program "60 Minutes" (Channel Nine, Australia) used the pages of an Internet agency Elena's Models and photos of the members of Elena's Models as illustrations to a story about immigration scams, "Russian Roulette".

Actually, I didn't discover anything new from this story. The image of Russian women is abused all over the western media. The fact that 60 Minutes abused the image of Elena's Models does not make any difference. The owner of this agency is Russian woman anyway.

Being honest, I must admit that I get bored when I watch TV broadcast about Russian women or even Russian men. Their image is quite the same everywhere. She is either a prostitute with bad manners or an old raggedy lady standing in a long line trying to get a loaf of bread. He is some insane killer in the Russian Mafia.

For those of you who watch HBO "Sopranos", you know what I mean: Russian mafia, Russian prostitute and even a one-legged Russian woman. The current season of HBO "The Wire" starts out with the finding of a dozen or so dead Russian women inside a cargo container. Of course, these women were exotic dancers in a topless club it was soon found out.

However, I don't want to talk about Russian women's image here. My great concern is for Russian human rights. I worked on TV and edited short films for news programs. I know how strict the rules are when you illustrate your report. You can not use people images without their permission. Although, in Russia, journalists don't always follow the rules. This happens because laws in Russia usually don't work. So, if a Russian TV journalist used your picture in any broadcast without your permission, you can't do anything about it. You don't have the right to defend yourself. And here we are. Western journalists that have spoken about human rights in Russia for decades do not actually care about Russian people. They use pictures of innocent Russian women to illustrate the story about scam. Why do they do this? Because they know that Russian women cannot defense themselves in Russia or in any other place in the whole world.

More over, some foreign men learned from media that they can abuse Russian women with perfect impunity. They import Russian brides to their homes to contend to their despotic instincts. I receive letters from Russian women that are abused and scammed by their husbands. Usually, women don't want to tell their stories in public, because they are afraid of their husbands and don't know how defend their rights. But this situation must be changed.

I think it is time to talk, not about Russian scam, but about scam against Russians. I am ready to publish any of such information in Russian Women Magazine. I encourage anyone who knows anything about any violations against Russian human rights - to write to me. We should stand up and speak; we should let people know that we can defend our rights.

In conclusion I must say, that despite of media propaganda thousands and thousands Russian women and Western men meet through dating agencies, get married and live happy lives. From my experience Elena's Models is one of the most popular and trustful dating business, that has helped thousands couples to meet each other.

Olga Sapp, Publisher (Happily married with American man)