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Are You Crazy Enough To Marry A Russian Woman?












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NEW! Is it weird to date online?

Even if time is not the issue, some single people cannot shake the feeling that everyone else is happy while they are always alone. We may look at online dating as an act of desperation, because "normal people don't need something like that."



Magic visas for Russian brides

Tips and information why Russian brides can't get business or tourist visas to enter the United States


6 tips for NOT dating Russian women

Look around the (online dating) web and you will notice that the online dating scene is a lot focused on single Russian women and other East European women. The reason that in particular women from these countries are looking for a foreign partner is generally known......


Are You Desperate Enough To Marry A Russian Woman?

Last week a reporter phoned me and among many others, asked this question: Is it true that it is mostly desperate people that are using Russian dating websites?
I often receive requests for interviews from journalists and this question inevitably pops up. I am used to this type of questions and usually I answered them that NO, people using Russian dating sites are not desperate and they are not losers, as the popular opinion holds, they are good honest people looking for their true love, etc, etc. I guess this is what anybody involved in the Russian dating industry, or using services of a Russian marriage agency would say. This is probably what the reporter expected to hear as well. This is what I was ALWAYS saying..................


Three steps to marry Russian woman

In order to write an impressive introductory letter to a Russian bride the man needs to know a few things that would put him in good stand with the lady. It is widely known that you never get a second chance of the first impression........


Placing your personal ad

14 very useful tips how to place your ad in magazines, newspapers and websites.


Is it true that all Russian Women Want To Escape From Russia?

When one searches the Internet for a Russian wife, he will be very surprised by the large number of Russian dating services. There are literally thousands of them on the Internet! Have you ever asked yourself; why that is? From all appearances it seems that all women want to do is to escape from Russia because Russia is in a very difficult social, political and economic situation. I hate to disappoint you, but that type of thinking is just a stereotype........


Scam against Russians

On Sunday May 11, 2003 a top-rating TV program "60 Minutes" (Channel Nine, Australia) used the pages of an Internet agency Elena's Models and photos of the members of Elena's Models as illustrations to a story about immigration scams, "Russian Roulette".
Actually, I didn't discover anything new from this story. The image of Russian women is abused all over the western media. The fact that 60 Minutes abused the image of Elena's Models does not make any difference. The owner of this agency is Russian woman anyway........

Russian brides and the Media

When speaking about cross culture marriages, there is an interesting trend: a relationship between a man from the USA and a woman from Australia is an "international relationship", yet a relationship between the same man and a woman from Russia is a "mail order brides" thing......

Immigration scams: Are you at risk

Any – and I mean it! – ANY MAN who even remotely considers the idea of marrying a Russian woman will face the question of immigration scams........



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