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Are You Crazy Enough To Marry A Russian Woman?












Three steps to marry Russian woman



First: write a good introductory letter

In order to write an impressive introductory letter to a Russian bride the man needs to know a few things that would put him in good stand with the lady. It is widely known that you never get a second chance of the first impression.

  • Be honest and provide accurate information about yourself: your name, age, profession, family status.

  • Write about your hobbies and your personality, but try to avoid enumerating commonplace things like traveling, music and animals. If they actually are your hobbies give more details, try to think of something special and original to excite the woman's imagination.

  • Try to make your letter as more personal as possible. Tell her about your mood, about how was your day. Tell her some touching story from your life.

  • Do not be shy to demonstrate your interest in the lady. Feel free to ask questions.

  • Compliments… You should never forget about them. Actually that is #1 point in our tip list. Compliment her picture. Be sincere from the very start. Let her know what impressed you about her at first sight.

  • Make your letter bright and impressive. Do not forget about jokes. It is important that you sound friendly, optimistic and positive from the very start.

  • Keep your letter short. There is no need to write a novel for 2 or 3 pages. Your letter should occupy a bit more than a half of a standard page. Do not forget to attach your photo.

  • Reply promptly. If you do not have time to reply, send a lady your short note just to notify her that you are busy and will get back on her later.

The main tip is be yourself and show her the best parts of your personality.


Second: Make a phone call

Are you getting nervous before the first telephone conversation with your virtual love? Read our advices. Perhaps, they will help you to get over your nervousness and to feel yourselves as old friends.

  • Try to concentrate and make it impossible something to distract your attention (TV, relatives and even the kids). If you will look aside the woman will think that you are not interested in her.

  • Smile. Though the woman does not see your smile, on the other side of wire she will definitely feel it. The smile will help not only you to feel freer, but it will have the same effect on your interlocutor.

  • Talk on the common topics or the topics you have already discussed. For instance, about the movie you watched recently. Remember what you wrote in the letters. Your telephone conversation should be the natural continuing of the correspondence.

  • It is better to prepare the topics before the conversation, that you would like to discuss, but you should not predict all your phrases and the woman's answers. Just think of the topics that you would like to talk about during the conversation. Maybe, in the beginning of conversation all the thoughts will fly away from your head and the promptings that you wrote will help you a lot.

  • Be honest. It is very easy to get lost in your own words, when you are trying to fill hard minutes of silence not thinking about what you talk. Try not to let that happen.

  • When the minute of farewell will come, you should arrange the next call. You should not arrange the meeting at once. It would be nice if there will be several telephone conversations between you for you both to get to know each other better and to loose the final awkwardness.

Third: Personal meeting

As you know, everybody has his or her own idea of what is good and bad at the first meeting. But, to tell the truth, Slavic standards of good behavior do not differ much from those accepted in the Western countries.

  • At the first meeting you should have a tidy looks and be polite.

  • Do not forget to greet her. There is no need to shake her hand. Just smile, look into her eyes and say "Hi".

  • Do not talk too loud. Listen to her carefully without interrupting. Display your interest in her. Complement her. Just act as a gentleman. Before smoking ask her if she does not mind your smoking.

  • Even if she says something that you find hard to understand, be tolerant and try to understand her. Do not press on her or don't display your aggression.

  • It is unacceptable from the Russian women's point of view to keep silence at the meeting or be indifferent to the lady. Of course, it is essential that you be honest with her.

  • Because lots of Slavic men are inclined to alcoholism, drinking alcohol too much is what may make your woman angry with you.

  • When it comes to the marital life, Russian women value devotion and reliability most. That is why you should demonstrate your partner that she is special to you.


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