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Are You Crazy Enough To Marry A Russian Woman?







Bart Dirks and Irina Sbitneva

 Me and Bart, my husband

My dear friend and mentor in Australia:
Elena Petrova, owner of Elenas Models
Elena Petrova
Elenas Models

Special thanks to:

Elena Petrova (she knows why)
Steve and Irena (for stimulating and helping us to improve our web site)

And also many thanks to:
All our new friends from all over the world who visited our site and keep us informed with their (practical) experiences.





About Irina Sbitneva

Owner of this information guide

This is me, Irina SbitnevaDear visitor, 

My name is Irina Sbitneva. In the millennium year I met my husband in the same place you are searching now. I used to live in Russia in a small village called 'Klyazma', which is about 20 miles north of Moscow. I was one of the many Russian women who was looking for a new future with a foreign man, and my husband was one of the many men who was looking for a Russian woman. As you can see, we both succeeded in that.  Since 2001 we operate as an European representative for Elenas Models.


We have many contacts with Russian women and their new husbands who did the same as we did. But also with those who are still busy in their process to find a compatible partner.


My husband (Bart) and I had many luck during the period we couldn't be together, because we both had the opportunity to visit each other often, before we finally could live together. Also our 'paperwork' turned to be out not as complex as we both thought, because we kept our heads cool and were patience. 


But today, growing dating scams scenarios, new Government rules and procedures forces you to learn more, and act in the right way. Therefore we run this online guide, to help, inform and support you. We gather all information from people we have contact with and try to structure this as useful information for you.
We are no magicians, but we promise you to do our best to help you. We keep our website up-to-date and help you online with our free advice, information and articles. We also offer a selection of reliable and professional services you ever will find.


With the help of many Russian and other foreign friends we keep our information up-to-date. I personally try to help Russian women in their always difficult attempt to find the right man for them. For Russian women it is ten times more difficult to find a man, then for a man to find a Russian woman, just for the simple reason: the female competition is too big.

While doing this, I notice often unnecessary misunderstandings between Russian woman and foreign men. Using this knowledge in our website, we try to narrow down the sometimes complex situations you can meet during your search for your Russian wife. 
Giving you advice, suggestions and information from me as a Russian woman, and from my (western) husband, we hope we can give you that extra motivation to convince you that it is all worth to go for it.

We do this with a reliable, experienced, and high standing partner agency that can offer you services you possible need during the entire process till your final marriage with your Russian woman.


My 'search' for my husband took me two years of my life, and I never regret this, that's' why I say to you, never give up!


Today you will notice an unstructured increase of Dating Agencies and Dating services on the entire Web. Good, but unfortunately also dubious 'agencies' are appearing fast in hundreds of search engines and web directories. Foreign men, who are serious looking for a new partner, will get lost in this labyrinth of (wild) growing 'Mail order brides' and Matchmaking services. With our co-workers and with real-life experiences of many Russian women and foreign men, we keep this information source up-to-date. 


I am aware that no situation is the same, for that reason the information you will find in this site is not from one specific person, but from many different people and (official) information resources. And if your answers are not here, just contact me and I will try to give you an answer to your specific question. But before you do this, I ask you to go first through our information pages. Most of the questions you will have are already in one of our pages.

Starting a relationship using Internet is easy, sometimes too easy, but 'turning' that relationship into a 'live' relationship is something else. Most of the Agencies, which you can find anywhere on the Web, tell potential 'romance-seekers', that it is easy to find a woman and that it's easy to contact her. Contacting her, using regular mail, email, fax or phone is not a big deal, but what is the next step?

From  the moment you want to meet each other and from the moment you both decide to marry, you need to know many important things, which you must not underestimate.

We are glad to help you using our own experience and the experience of many (new and still growing) friends among us. They also used the same successful road as we did and they give us useful information about their own practical experiences, which we use in our web site. 

So, read our pages with valuable practical information, do's and don'ts. And feel free to contact us for any question and feel free to visit our related links which you will meet through our pages.




Happy hunting!

Irina Sbitneva